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Accessibility Statement


Synergy Federal Credit Union is committed to ensuring our members have full access to the products and services we provide. We strive to ensure our information, services and products, including mobile, online, telephone, ATM, and in-person, are accessible to those with disabilities.

Branch & ATM

Our branches are designed to meet all federal, state and local standards for accessibility. Accessibility features at our branches include:

  • Exterior: parking space sizes, signage, slopes and grading.
  • Interior: accessible teller windows. We welcome service animals. For users with visual impairments, our ATMs offer tactile input controls with symbols, ascending/descending keypads with visual contrast, Braille instructions, a headset port with verbal instructions and speech mode controls.


For members who have difficulty visiting a branch or using the phone, Synergy FCU’s mobile and online channels serve as a useful alternative to access our products and services. Synergy FCU maintains mobile and browser application compatibility with industry standards and guidelines. To improve your web experience, we recommend utilizing your operating system or browser's native accessibility tools.

Suggestions for Improvement

If you have suggestions for how Synergy FCU or our site could better serve you, please let us know.