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Virtual Branch

Synergy FCU is completely up-to-date on all the banking technologies that allow you to meet your financial needs without having to ever step foot into an actual branch. If you need help setting any of them up, please contact us at (888) 272-8228.

First step, download the free Synergy FCU app to your phone and/or tablet. Also, make sure your Online Banking user name and password are set up and active.

Then, between the two, you’ll be able to:

Other services to use

  • Apple Pay and Google Pay – Synergy FCU debit and credit cards can be set up for these payment options. You can hover your phone over the payment system and never actually have to touch anything or hand your card to someone. It’s a really safe way to pay for things, plus a really clean way to pay for things.
  • Debit card – you’ll be able to make purchases online or at a store or get money from the ATM.
  • ATMs – there are 40,000 ATMs across the U.S. that are free for Synergy FCU members. If you have a Rewards Checking Account and meet the monthly qualification to get your rewards, ATM fees up to $25 are automatically reimbursed each month.
  • Apply for loans with the online loan application.
  • Apply for new membership or accounts with the online membership application.
  • Shared Branching – if you do need to get to a branch, consider one of the 5,500 Shared Branch locations. Financial institutions are closing their lobbies, but the drive-thru at many are still operational. You can do basic teller transactions at a Shared Branch, including withdrawing money, depositing money, and making loan payments. Call before you go, to ensure they can help you.