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Routing # 314092128

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule
Fees are per item, per time unless otherwise stated.  
Service Fee
Stop Payments (to put on or remove) including ACH and Bill Pay $25.00
Copy of Check Request including Bill Pay $3.00
Transfer Fee for NSF (manual transfer) $5.00
Automatic Transfer Free for NSF $1.00
Overdraft/NSF Fee (non-sufficient funds) $25.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing Domestic $15.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing Foreign $40.00
Wire Transfer - Incoming No Fee
History Print Out (Member Service Department) $2.00
History Print Out (Online Banking) No Fee
Statement Copy $3.00
Research Service Fee $10.00 per hour
Returned Check Fee - Same Party Check $25.00
Returned Check Fee - Third Party Check $5.00
Debit Card Reactivation Fee (per card) $5.00
Debit Card Replacement Fee (per card) $5.00
ATM Daily Withdrawal Limit $600.00
Foreign ATM Withdrawal Fee $1.00
International Foreign ATM Withdrawal Fee $2.00
Teller Checks 1 free per day/$1.00 for each additional
Money Orders $1.00 each
Teller 24 (Audio Phone Response) No Fee
Account Inquiry Fee (if inquiry can be done on Teller 24 or Online Banking) $1.00
Online Banking (Internet Banking) No Fee
Bill Payment & Presentment No Fee
Bill Pay - Overnight Expedited Payments - Electronic via E-Pay $3.40
Bill Pay - Over night Expedited Payments - Overnight Check $21.00
Temporary Checks 8 for $1.00
Electronic Statements (e-Statements) No Fee
VISA Gift Cards $2.45
Notary Service (members only) No Fee
Share Savings Accounts - Excessive Withdrawal Fee (over 6 withdrawals per month) $0.01 per month
Money Market Accounts - Excessive Withdrawal Fee (over 3 withdrawals per month) $10.00 per month
Bad Address Fee $3.00 per month
IDProtect $1.95 per month
Expedited External Transfer $3.00

Revised as of October 1, 2022