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Routing # 314092128

Card Monitoring

Card Security

Your debit and credit card(s) are monitored for security by Fiserv (partnered with Synergy Federal Credit Union). If they notice unusual activity on your card, Fiserv will call you to ensure the usage is being done by you. This, hopefully, will be an early warning if you do indeed have fraud happening on your account. If you have any questions about this security process, feel free to call Synergy FCU Member Services at 210-750-8333 or 888-272-8228.

Text Alerts for Debit Cards

Members can enroll in Text Alerts for security notifications. If the monitoring company suspects suspicious activity, you can receive an immediate text instead of the normal phone call.  If the transaction is yours, you can text back Yes and the transaction will process.  If the transaction is not yours, you will be given the phone number and further instructions from the fraud monitoring call center.

To report a lost or stolen Debit Card

Call 888-272-8228 or 210-750-8333 and choose options 6 & 2.

To set or reset your Debit Card PIN

Call 800-992-3808.