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Social Engineering

Social Engineering - tips to protect yourself 

In regards to fraud, social engineering is defined as the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes. The objective is to influence or trick you into giving up personal information. It can also be used to gain access into your organization or into your personal accounts. 

There are many other forms of fraud, unfortunately, and Synergy FCU wants to keep you informed. Use this Fraud Prevention section on the website so you can stay up-to-date and learn how to protect yourself. You can also reference the FBI's official website.


  • Do not open email attachments or click on links from untrusted sources. If it's from someone you know but looks suspicious, contact your friend directly and see if they sent it.
  • Do not offer strangers the benefit of the doubt. If you are suspicious, verify them before offering personal information.
  • Don't let strangers follow you into restricted areas.
  • Lock your laptop or computer when you step away from your desk.
  • Have passwords on your computer, laptop, and phone so no one but you or trusted family is able to gain access.
  • Have anti-virus software on your computers - even if you have a MAC. They can get viruses just as easy as a PC.
  • Fraudsters will use fear and urgency to get you to react quickly. Stop and think before you respond. This can include pop-ups on your computer, emails, and phone calls.
  • Be wary of websites that have free movie and music downloads. 


  • You should never give your PIN to anyone. There is no need for anyone but you to ever know your PIN and no one should ever ask you for it. That is an immediate identifier for fraud. If you get a call from someone identifying themselves as a Synergy FCU employee or the Synergy FCU fraud department, they may ask you identifying questions but they will never ask you for your PIN. 
  • The CVV number on the card - this is the 3-digit number on the back of your card. You will sometimes use that number for online purchases or to do a cash advance with Synergy FCU, but there is no need for you to provide it to someone who is trying to confirm your identity.   
  • If you get a call or email from someone identifying themselves as a Synergy FCU employee or the Synergy FCU fraud department, it's best to not use the phone numbers given in the message but instead to call the numbers listed on our website or the back of your cards.
    • The main Synergy FCU number is 210-750-8333 or 888-272-8228.  
  • Call us and put a password on your account. This is different from your PIN and Online Banking password. Whenever we talk with you, we need to identify you and this password is an easy way to do it. 
  • Set alerts
    • Inside Online Banking, you can set alerts on your accounts. They include notifications for low balance and large withdrawals.
  • Use CardControl and CardValet. 
    • CardControl lets you set alerts on your Debit Card. Found inside Online Banking, this service lets you turn your card on and off and it notifies you every single time your card is used.
    • CardValet is an app available in your app store. It allows you to monitor your credit card. You turn your card on and off and it notifies you every single time your card is used.

If you need help setting up any of the alerts or CardControl, please contact us. If you haven't set up a phone password yet, please contact us. If you think you've been a victim of a scam involving your Synergy FCU accounts, please call us immediately. We want to make sure the bad guys don't win.