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Berenstain Bears ® Cub Account

Financial Literacy Program

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The Berenstain Bears® Financial Literacy Program Cub Account

The Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program Cub Account is now available!* We are excited about our exclusive partnership with the creators of The Berenstain Bears. Teaming up with the popular children’s characters will help us teach the money management concept Save, Share, Spend, Earn.

Opening this Cub Account for your child delivers the added special gift of membership for life at Synergy FCU. Your child now has a financial partner to help navigate them through all stages of life.

Synergy FCU believes teaching concepts of wise money management and saving at an early age yields financially responsible adults. It is our hope you join with us in helping your son or daughter lay the foundation for making smart financial decisions.

Cub Account Features

  • FREE Piggy Bank
  • FREE copy of The Berenstain Bears' Trouble with Money book
  • FREE bookmark
  • FREE Membership Card
  • Special Tier rates for extra savings
    • $5 - $499.00: rate will be 1.50% APY higher than the regular Share Savings rate
    • $500.00 and up: rate will be the regular Share Savings rate
    • Example: an account of $700, the first $499.99 will have the higher yield, and the additional $200 will have the lower yield

Open Yours Today

The Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program Cub Account is open to newborns through 9 years of age.

To open a Cub Account: complete the Membership Application and return it to your nearest branch.

*All applications are subject to eligibility. Cub account effective 10/1/15. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Did you know?

Shared Branching is a branch away from our branch

Do basic teller transactions at a participating credit union, just as if you were at a Synergy FCU branch.